Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where is my instruction book?

April 24? Are you kidding me? I haven't blogged since April 24? I'm thinking this baseball mom job has consumed me for the last couple of months. What an awesome season though! I feel truly blessed to have the boys on teams with amazing coaches. Axton and Aidyn will remember these times for the rest of their lives. The friends they have made, the goals they've achieved and the ability to work with others as a team will be traits that will help them as they grow in life. It was all thanks to a wonderful coaching staff.
Just when I think that my roller coaster is about to slow down it starts the climb up another hill. As of right now we are praying for an awesome opportunity for our family. Scott has applied for a position in Renton, WA. This Travis family is praying day and night to be given this amazing chance at what I'm sure will be a totally different way of life. Our boys have never seen a mountain so I am sure you can imagine their excitement when we told them this move was a possibility. With joy however, comes sadness. Scott and I have both lived here our entire lives. Neither of us have ever experienced living outside of the Derby or Mulvane area. In fact I can't really imagine what living anywhere else would be like. We are both ready to accept the challenge though if given the chance. When we broke the news to the boys, Aidyn and Alyjah were both ready to pack their bags and have asked everyday since if Daddy has "gotten the job". With each passing day, the waiting game is getting unbearable for them. My Ajax however, has very strong mixed emotions. Although he is super excited to maybe live somewhere that has the ocean and mountains, he has reservations about leaving his friends. I am sure that this would hold true for anyones child at his age. Axton is different though. He loves all of his buddies as though they are his brothers. Every single one of them. Last year we made the decision to move them into the Derby school district. With Ax being as outgoing as he is, it took him no time at all to make friends. Unlike most kids though, he never lost touch with his Mulvane friends. He still hangs with, talks to, and cares about them all very much. This is who he is, a boy with not only a huge heart, but an incredible soul. I can't help to ask myself this...are we making the right choice. I know that our destinys have already been planned for us. I realize that God has a plan for each and every one of us. I can't help but wonder how this change will affect my boys. I know that they will make friends and fit in just fine. If given this chance, what happens in three years when we come back and they have to leave the friends they have made in Washington. How much is too much? Are we going to be making the right choice? Where is my life's instruction book? Or what about the one that was supposed to be attached to the big toe of each of my boys when they were born? I have spent more time in my Bible these last few weeks than ever before in my life. I pray every night that Scott will here something soon and that the waiting game will be over. More importantly I pray that we have made the right decision for our boys. That we have chosen the right path in God's plan for our family. So I ask this of you who follow my blog. Pray that if given the opportunity, this family is taking the right direction in our unknown plan for life. Pray that God gives us the strength needed to make this transition if given the chance. I will keep you all posted as the days pass. Thank you for your prayers all my love, Muffy.