Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Honey is Sweeter Than Vinegar

What a very eventful week I have had. Since last Tuesday I've been on a roller coaster ride that just wouldn't stop to let me off. That is, until I made it stop. So true is it, the closer we come to God, the harder Satan works and presses against us. Here I thought I was going along in life in my "perfect peace". All the while I was losing touch with those who matter most. Sometimes we find ourselves taking life for granted and this too was my demon. It took a true EYE OPENER and I do mean EYE OPENER to make me realize honey IS in fact sweeter than vinegar. Anytime I run myself ashore, my mother is always there to say...Muffy, honey is sweeter than vinegar, you have to pick your battles. Was she sooo RIGHT ON. Sadly it has taken me 15 years, the book, Song of Songs in the Bible, and the harsh reality that I was tearing my marriage to shreds to figure this out. I have looked to God for more advice with in the last few days than I have in all my life. These verses are finally what made me sit back, open my eyes, and check myself. Song of Songs 5:2-8
Instead of focusing on the positives in my life, I had learned to pick at all of the negative. Losing sight of what I had before me. We don't live in a "relationship savvy" society. In fact it's quite the opposite. Therefore we have to be each other's rock. When he needed me most, I pushed him away? MY needs were more important, at least I thought. How selfish can I be to think I never make a mistake?
Don't let my wake up call be your own. Don't let the evil one in before you realize how much you need, love, and appreciate your soul mate. Don't take for granted all of the things that he/she does for you...especially those of you who are a stay at home parent like myself. I promised to love, cherish, respect and honor Scott all the days of my life til death do us part. I didn't just promise it to him, I promised this to God as well. I am comforted now knowing my faults, accepting them, and am now striving everyday to improve myself. I am not only improving my faults though, I am rebuilding. The two "D" words will not be in this marriage's vocabulary...ever. I am talking about divorce or the devil. I pray everyday that God will give us the strength to empower our evils and win the battle. I know he will.
Take a minute everyday and let your spouse know how much he/she means to you. Tell them how much you appreciate, trust, and love them for all they do for you. Marriage is a bond that takes strength to build itself everyday. Strength to fight off the evil and survive the stresses of society. For this journey has made me realize I love this man before me now more than ever. I respect him now more than ever and most importantly WE need one another now more than ever.
Honey is in fact MUCH sweeter than vinegar...and yes...Mother does CERTAINLY know BEST! If only we could learn this lesson earlier in life :)


  1. I came across your blog through Amy's...it's funny, I wrote about the same thing this morning! Marriage is hard sometimes and the only way through it is with Jesus! Thanks for the encouraging words and for being a woman who isn't afraid to share her faith.

  2. Audra I'm just finally coming into my faith and am so glad I found it. I only wonder what in the world I've been waiting for my whole life. : )