Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trudging Through the Mud, While Climbing the Tallest Mountain

This Mom is "back in session". The boys have returned after being gone for a week, I kinda forgot what it was like to have a responsibility :). I am however, so glad they made it safely home with Nana Monday night. More importantly they got to spend time with their great grandfather. These are the times for which they will always be grateful for. Best of all they are the perfect age to remember all of his Pop Pop'isms. For example when he calls Alyjah Ally Jo from the Alamo. Our Pop Pop Rocks!
Just after the 4th of July Jax played in the State Tournament with his baseball team the Derby Orioles I can't help but brag and tell you that his team took 3rd in the state of Kansas. Yes, you read that right, 3RD IN THE WHOLE STATE! All bragging rights aside I got to spend the weekend with a very good girlfriend of mine. We haven't been "good" friends for all that long, but over the last couple of years I have learned what an awesome spirit she is. This girlfriend of mine is in a "rough" spot right now and I pray for God to comfort her and give her peace on a daily basis. As the weekend rushed by us, and our chic chats came to an end, I found a quote that fit her perfectly. Just in time too. Having three boys in a Honda Civic does not leave much room for "adult conversation". So, I felt blessed to have found this quote before we were subject to nothing but PG rated conversations. Here is the quote...
Things happen for a reason. People change so we can learn to let go. Things go wrong, so that we can appreciate them when they go right. And good things often fall apart so that better things can fall together.
I noticed this morning that she had posted this quote on her facebook page. It was a good feeling to know that I had found something that could possibly ease her pain. Yet, as I read the quote it spoke to me today more than it did two weeks ago. Every sentence in these statements speaks volumes in my life right now. Why does it take me reading them on a Facebook wall to realize that there is so much truth behind every one of the statements?
Things happen for a reason. So many times we wonder who, what, when, where and why? It's all in the plan. Everything is paved and enscribed in our path. It's whether we trudge through the mud or look for the high road. Isn't the trudge what makes us who we are? It shapes us for what ever it is our future holds.
People change so we can learn to let go. A hard one for me to personally swallow. People are put in our lives to set an impression in one way or another. I believe it's all in how we handle the outcome that makes us who we are. Paths cross when you are both at a "trudging" point, then seperate when one of you takes the "high road". It isn't until you are both on the same path to salvation, aiding one another in the "trudge",that you realize how important you are in the life of one another. If your paths never cross again take what God intended for you to gain out of this relationship and use it to move mountains on your path of life. After all, do we not lead best by example?
Things go wrong so we can appreciate them when they go right. Learn from your mistakes, you are your worst critic. Pick up the pieces and learn to let go of what set you astray. These are the times our evils are lurking to intervene. Before long, the mud becomes your quick sand and you are struggling for air. If we could all just see how to make a mosaic out of the broken pieces it would be so much easier to trudge the mud. If Jesus had not picked up the pieces on his path to salvation where would we all be now? There's a deep thought for the day...
And good things often fall apart so that better things can fall together. So many times we catch ourselves asking God, "Can it get any worse?" It can always be worse. Why do we wait until we are seeing or hearing of something life altering or damaging in someone else's life before we realize that it can always be worse? It's almost sickening to think someone else's misery can be an eye opener for the rest of us. If we could all just live in the way God intended. If we could just realize our trudge through the mud currently in our way, is only drying some of the puddles that could create havoc in our future. Be there for one another, be someone's elses rock. "Study and teach the inspiration of the truth in Jesus because anyone can believe in Jesus, the awesomeoness is in following and loving him."
As for me, I can tell you there is so much going on in life right now,that is testing the trust I have in my own faith. I'm learning now more than ever that my mud puddles are out of my hands and I can only trudge through them as Jesus did for me. I have learned that for all things there is a bigger plan, that I definetly do not know the answers to. I continue to pray for His guidance through the mud or give me strength to conquer the mountains. Whether it be climbing over them or moving them, they are there for a reason and only He has the anwers. My faith is in Him as I look for a way to keep trudging my path and feel blessed that I am learning to give it all up to God.

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