Friday, August 6, 2010


Is no news really good news? If you ask anyone in this Travis family they will all tell you no. I know that I am supposed to go on with life as if we were not WAITING for anything...but good grief. I waited to the last minute to enroll the kids, the last minute to sign Jax up for football and still we wait. Now, my Scooter is on vacation for a week so we will STILL know nothing. UGH! It's agonizing. If we are going, I wanted to be there in time for my kiddos to make some friends before school started. In Seattle they don't start until Sept 1. Now we are even cutting it too close for this. I told Scott, you watch we are going to have to pick up and move in the middle of the school year, because nothing can run smoothly for my crew. EVER! A good friend of mine posted something on her facebook the other day and it seemed to be just what I needed...she said...go ahead, you wanna make God laugh...make plans. Boy was she ever right! It's impossible! Where is my instruction manual, my guidance? I am one of these people that needs guidance in everything! And I do mean everything! I ask my best friend's opinion in every aspect of my life. Thank God she thinks with a level head in my crazy life. I don't know where I would be today. I love my Amy Jo!
For now, I will continue to sit and wait. If any of you have any suggestions while we wait, let me know lol!

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  1. Suggestion: Call your friend Jessica, she misses you and would love to reconnect!