Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar

Isn't that what she sang? You know who I am talking about the nanny of Michael and Jane Banks, the only woman I know that could carry the world in her carpet bag, and more importantly is able to get around in life by an umbrella, while pausing for a moment to sit upon a cloud and take in all of the sights of London. I'm speaking of none other than the intriguing character of Mary Poppins. I loved her as a young girl. I mean really...what young girl didn't. Did she not have the most magical "man friend" Bert? What man do you know can chalk a beautiful scenery that enables you to simply step into and away from it all?
How I wish this fairytale were true. I wonder if this is where the advertisement "Calgon take me away" stems from? Doubtful, but today I am seeing similarities between the two. It's a day when I would give anything to be whisked away by a gust of wind, no worries as I'm dangling from my umbrella. A day when the most juvenile of chalk pictures could take me into the simple yet intriguing mind of one of my three boys. What if the tears I've shed could be the very droplets in our chalked fantasy that teach us to dance in the rain? Better yet, that darn instruction book I've never found could be pulled from my bottomless carpet bag.
Why does it seem, when I've just accomplished what appears to be the tallest mountain, there's another a few yards away that is much steeper and taller than the last? Its sheets of ice, will be forcing me to take the less traveled route. I'm speculating that this is God's way of telling me, "Look at the bright side Muffy, you need the exercise". These new glasses I have are not only allowing me to see what I read, but they have become the windows to my heart and soul. I'm sure of it. For the first time, my heart and soul are seeing the balancing act of a working mother and wife. I applaud those of you who have been doing it for years. I feel so incredibly blessed to have a job that I love. I can't imagine being in these shoes, hating every minute of it. I just can't get a grip on the balancing act. I'm still trying to be the super mom I strive to be, the one the boys know they can count on, as well as the wife and soul mate my husband needs. How do you mommy's do it? What are some of the tricks of the trade? If you can't tell, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Most women won't come out and tell you they feel as though they are failing their loved ones. Most of us want the world to believe all is perfect in our house of glass. Well, mine is not, and I want to know your secrets. I don't want my boys to head down the wrong path in the future, nor do I want my best friend and soul mate to venture because of my weaknesses as a wife.
So here I am, my glass house is broken and life is far from perfect. I'm reaching out to my girlfriends. I'm pretty sure God is sick of listening to me today, and there is not enough wind for my umbrella to whisk me away. All of the spoonfulls of sugar have given me a cavity and it's too cold to chalk. Did I mention that Mary retired? How rude! Right when I am in need of her most ;)?


  1. Awww Muffy. I know those feelings well. There is no magic words or even actions to put your world "right" and help you wear all your hats at once. I will tell you though that I am betting you are doing much better than you give yourself credit for. I am sure you are being harder on yourself than anyone else and seeing flaws that simply don't exist. are not "one" but a part of a family and when circumstances change in a family (as you having to go to work) the bulk of the weight in dealing with it all should not fall on the "one", but rather be distributed amongst the entire family. I am pretty sure Scott and the boys understand this. You have to quit trying to do it all (because physically and mentally it is impossible) and you will constantly disappoint yourself.
    Muffy....the best thing you can do is just be you. You bring joy and laughter to everything you do and you are a great wife and mother. Don't sweat the small stuff and don't try to be perfect. The laundry will be there tomorrow as will dirty dishes and smelly bathrooms. Leave them from time to time and have a romantic night with husband or watch a movie with the kids. And remind everyone that if EVERYONE pitches in and does their part....there will be more time for alone time with the hubbie and game time/movie time/fun time with the kids. It is an adjustment....but I bet the Travis gang is more than up for the challenge. Hang in their Muffy. You will get it all figured out!

  2. I would so have to agree with Cmom. You can do it Muff, take it from your OCD/perfectionist gf.
    The housework stuff doesn't matter in the big scheme of things as it will always be there to do. The way Marc and I are doing things is that each person is responsible for picking up there stuff nightly. Marc doesn't mind dishes so he always does the dishes and I always do the laundry and he and I take turns cooking dinner. We have a family night one night a week, ours is every Wed and we either play cards or watch a movie or do something fun together as a family. So that we don't feel like every night is spent doing 'chores' etc.. I hope this helps sweetie, as always I am just a phone call away if I can help with anything. Love ya!