Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let It Snow

What a week to start off the New Year! I'm in hopes that this past week is not a sign of what's to come over the next 11 months. I've been having some problems with my back for those who don't know. I thought only "old" people went through these kinds of things? Certainly shouldn't be young gals like my self *hee*hee*hee Who am I kidding?
It was another great week at Jury Eye. I am learning tons, and loving it every step of the way. Dr. Jury, his wife and Dr. Blasi are all amazing people. As far as the docs are concerned, I love the fact that I am in an office that actually CARES about their patients well being. Both docs go that extra mile for all of their patients giving each one of them the comfort in knowing they are trustworthy, compassionate and professional physicians. I can't tell you enough how lucky I feel to be given this opportunity. The best part in all of this is knowing that I am taking some of the stress off of Scott's shoulders. What an awesome husband I have to always go the extra mile for this family. He has given me the opportunity to stay home with our boys for all of these years and never did he complain. It's time for me to give back. Lastnight we pulled up at home and were still sitting in the car when he says, "I've been meaning to tell you Thank You." I asked for what? and he replies "For helping me out and getting a job, it means a lot to me." Most woman don't get the chance to stay home with their kiddos, I did, and will be forever grateful to Scott for that chance. I know that this was God's plan all along. Why couldn't I have just seen that. I know it's something that is easier said than done, but to think of all the stress I put myself under trying to find this type of position. He knew the whole time, it's just another good lesson learned for me. I've posted before about how I can't just let things go, giving them fully to God. He's giving me the proof right upside the back of my head hoping that this time I will "get it". :) Jeremiah 29:11 says it best For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. He's not saying that we won't go through life with out pain and hardships. However he is saying that having him in our hearts and knowing him as our savior will ease the pain and the hardships carrying us through to the ending he desires for us. These are words that I need to come to live by.
As this past week comes to an end, it has a terrific ending. I am happy to report that all three boys came home with outstanding grade cards each scoring EXEMPLARY in different areas. Aidyn in math, Axton and Alyjah in reading. We are so incredibly proud of these three boys. Day in and day out I worry that I won't be doing something right for them, or that I am not doing enough. Of course as a mom, I never feel like I am doing enough. As a parent we want to grant them the world. Impossible I know, but hey, what's wrong with setting a higher standard to goals? I still wonder if I got jipped on the instruction manuals for each, but am beginning to believe that the 5 of us will make it through life with out them. No one is perfect and I am going to make mistakes in parenting them. It's comforting to know though, that I have the support I need in Scott and the power of prayer. My boys see this spirit in our home every day, that is what makes them the beautiful young men that they are. We've raised them to be respectful of others, respectful to Scott and I as their parents, and most importantly respectful of themselves. We've tried to teach them to love their own self and not to worry about what they feel are their faults. With strength and courage they will get through anything and with their faith in Christ, the goals that they set for themselves are attainable. I know these boys will go far. Scott and I will be here to guide and nurture them every step of the way. Way to go AXTON, AIDYN AND ALYJAH mom and dad are very proud of you all!

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  1. Muffy....having known you when you weren't even out of high were such a beautiful girl back then. Knowing you are a beautiful woman with so much to give your family. I am so very proud to call you friend!